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Why Choose A Professional Architect & Interior Design Team For Your Project

SSM offer a variety of bespoke home designs for you to find a home that suits and matches your budget and living needs to your own vision of perfection. The benefits of approaching professional architects and designers for your housing requirements are many. But the rewards are almost infinite.

Who We Are

SSM Architecture & Design is a firm of modern architects and interior designers who are specialized in providing innovative solutions to the luxury requirements and artistic aspirations of every client. Reinforced with over 35 years history in Asia, Roca is uniquely qualified to respond to the technical and aesthetical desires of architecturally inspired customers.

Our Company

SSM focuses on creativity, quality and sustainability in all its projects, from urban development and high-rise buildings to entertainment centers, extravagant mansions and villas, or restaurants and boutiques. Sophisticated demands allow Roca to develop non-intrusive and cost-effective solutions for all the architectural challenges.

Where We Are

From their office in Sydney, the professionals of Roca pool their strengths together to provide personalized services that are made to dazzle. SSM, offering full services from planning to execution through to design conceptualization, can help your project inspire, innovate and make your architectural or design dream become a reality.